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Category: Leading Supplier of Catalog and Custom Antibodies and Protein Related Products

Abfrontier Introduction
Abfrontier, Young In Frontier's pioneering antibody brand, aims to create highly specific and sensitive products using our original best capture antibody technology. is a leading supplier of catalog and custom antibody and protein related products.

Abfrontier initially focused on the products of the reactive oxygen species (ROS) pathway. With the enhancement of R&D capabilities, Abfrontier's product line has been expanding day by day, expanding to the fields of neuroscience, serum proteins and post-translational modification-specific antibodies. In addition, Abfrontier has produced the world's first series of oxidation-specific antibodies, a testament to innovation and expertise.

In addition to providing products, Abfrontier's highly qualified scientific team also provides a series of technical services, including proteome analysis, DNA cloning, protein purification, and antibody production and purification.

- Since 2004, more than 30,000 custom antibodies have been provided to global customers;

- HUPO's main antibody partner ("Human Protein Atlas project" project

- Has an excellent large animal room with 4,000 animal cages (500 SPF);

- A professional scientific team with many years of research experience;

- Strict quality control by Young In Frontier Quality Management System (YQMS).

Beijing Zhonghao Xinsheng Technology is the agent of Korea Abfrontier in China, responsible for the promotion and sales of Abfrontier brand, technical support and product after-sales service!

Abfrontier product line
Primary antibody, secondary antibody, ELISA kit, immunohistochemistry kit, recombinant protein, lysis solution

Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, Kits, Proteins, Lysates, Reagents

Technical services: proteome analysis, DNA cloning, protein purification, and antibody production and purification.

Established in 1976, Youngin Frontier provides science and technology services based on Youngin Science, which has grown along with the development of domestic science and technology. there is.

In order to provide an optimized environment for research and development across industries including biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, agriculture and fisheries, and bioindustry, we provide high-quality research equipment and consumables supply through continuous business partnerships with world-class companies, as well as public seminars. , on-site seminar, and technical support are provided. In addition, we have steadily invested in the antibody business, which can be called the basic field of the bio industry, to establish our own QC system, develop various catalog antibodies, and provide customized services. service has been started.

As of 2010, the average life expectancy of Korean SMEs is about 8 years.
Our Young Frontier has already passed that period and entered the stabilization stage, but we are a company that does not settle down and strives to live longer, a leading company that does not lag behind the changing times and is ahead of the changing times. We will do our best to become a company with the same sincerity.

Once again, we would like to thank all of you who visited our company, and based on kindness and sincerity, we will prioritize customer satisfaction, fulfill our social responsibilities through transparent and honest management, and ultimately become a company that can contribute to our customers, shareholders, and society. .

thank you.

All employees of Youngin Frontier Co., Ltd.

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