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Neurobiology?Organelle Labeling?Tag Antibodies?Malaria?Zebrafish Research?Structural Proteins?Insect Antibodies?Tag Proteins
Biologicals Ltd
Antigens?Inflammation?Bacterial pathogens?CD markers?MHC?Tumor markers?Prions
Affinity Immuno
ELISA Kit?Monoclonal Antibody?Custom Chicken Polyclonal Antibody
Yanaihara Yanaihara Research Institute
Biomarker measurement and analysis of high-titer antibodies and high-sensitivity, high-specificity enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits
Select a specific range of DNA fragment magnetic beads?Capture specific sequence DNA fragment magnetic beads?Capture cfDNA magnetic beads in plasma
Protein Alternatives
Cancer biomarkers?Tumor targeted therapy?Antibody?Recombinant protein?ELISA detection.
Liposoma BV
Liposome preparation?Cldronate liposomes?Control liposomesPBS?Fluorescent DiI liposomes
Clare Chemical Research
The Dark Reader Blue Light Transmission Lamp uses visible blue light as the excitation source, so there is no need to worry about damaging and dangerous UV radiation.
Molecular Innovations
Coagulation and thrombolysis research Antibody, protein, ELISA Kit. PAI-1?tPA?Urokinase?Coagulation factor?Vitronectin?Fibrinogen?Fibronectin?Prorenin?renin
Antibody and protein related products: more than 30,000 catalog antibodies and custom antibodies?protein?ELISA kits
Protein cross-linking agent?Deuterated cross-linking reagent?Biotin reagent?Mass spectrometry standard?MALDI matrix?Mobile phase solvent?Protein modification reagent?cured resin
Academy Bio-Medical
Cardiovascular and atherosclerosis research, research antibodies in the field of lipoproteins, apolipoproteins and their oxidatively modified products
Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibodies Available for Neurology Research
Oxidative Stress Research?DNA Oxidation Detection?Protein Oxidation Detection?Fat Oxidation Detection?Antioxidation Detection?Trace Element Detection
Biotech Support Group
Albumin clearance?Lipid clearance?Hemoglobin clearance?DNA/RNA enrichment?urine protein enrichment?glycoprotein enrichment
Affinity Biologicals Inc (ABI)
Hemostasis and thrombosis research: coagulation-related antibodies?ELISA antibody pair?Coagulation factor ELISA kit?Lack of plasma?Protease inhibitors lack of plasma
Northwest Life Science
Antioxidant Detection?Inflammation Markers?DNA Oxidation Markers?Lipid Peroxidation?Oxidized Protein Biomarkers
Arbor Assays
High-quality immunoassay kits: cell signaling?inflammation?kidney injury?reproduction?stress steroids?metabolism?oxidative stress
Glycosylation analysis: glycan release?glycan labeling?glycan purification?glycan labeling?glycan HPLC column?endoglycosidase?glycoprotein
AAT Bioquest
Fluorescent Labeled Probes?Luminescent Probes?Biological Calcium Membrane Potential Probes?Cell

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