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Custom Antibody Service

■ Peptide conjugation
■ Protein/ antibody labeling
■ Peptide design
■ Peptide synthesis
■ Peptide modification
■ Polyclonal Ab production
■ Monoclonal Ab production
■ Antibody purification
■ Phospho antibody production
■ Bacterial expression
■ Protein refolding
■ Endotoxin removal
■ Large scale culture
■ Optimization
■ PCR cloning
■ Subcloning
■ Mutagenesis
■ DNA sequencing
■ Plasmid preparation
Conjugation service
Peptide service
Antibody service
Protein service
Gene service
Custom Antibody Service
▪ Over 30,000 custom antibodies worldwide since 2004
▪ Human Protein Atlas’ (HUPO, major antibody partner
▪ Supplied 3,000 catalogue antibody products
▪ 4,000 animal cages controlled in clean-room (including 500 SPF)
▪ Seasoned antibody research scientists with 300 years of experience
▪ Strict QC by YQMS (Young In Frontier Quality Management System)


Preparation &
WB or IP test
Rabbit, Mouse, Rat, Goat
Westem Blot
Custom Antibody Service
Polyclonal Antibody Service

Antibodies are reagents used in ELISA, WB, IP, IHC and ICC for having the property of antigen
specific affinity. Abfrontier’s antibody production service using rabbit, mouse, rat and goat helps
you with the antigen preparation that along with the production service can expand the purpose
and use of antibodies for you.

• Save time and cost
• One stop service
- Peptide prediction, Peptide synthesis, Polyclonal antibody, Monoclonal antibody
• Easy ordering for service
• Protein 2.5 mg (purity : 90-95%) or peptide 5 mg (purity : about 70%)
• Animal: Mouse, Rabbit, Rat, Goat
• 2 test bleeds provided
• Optional WB or IP test available
• Service time: 10 weeks

Service Service type Species Antigen

Abpep minus (only immunization, Ag not provided)
Poly Ab production
Phospho Ab production
5mg, 70%
Abpep zero (peptide prediction ~ immunization)
Abpep (peptide prediction ~ ELISA test)
Abpep plus (peptide prediction ~ affinity purification)
package 1 (only immunization)
Poly Ab production
2.5mg, 90~95% package 2 (immunization ~ ELISA test)
package 3 (immunization ~ affinity purification)
Technical Overview
Service Features
Service Overview
Antibody Production
Service list & period
Custom Antibody Service

Monoclonal Antibody Service

• Immunization using 4 BALB/c strain mice
• Approx. 5mg of a peptide antigen should be synthesized
• 2.5mg of a purified protein required
• Culture supernatant provided for test
• A minimum of 2 of the best clones provided
• Ascites produced in BALB/c strain mice
• Culture supernatant of the hybridoma cells produced
• Approx. 2~5ml of ascites from a mouse
• period: 3 weeks

Antibody Purification Service

Abfrontier provides a high-grade purification service using serum or ascites. These range from relatively
common methods, such as Protein A/G, affinity purification. Antibody purification service offers you a
package solution that can purify any antibody quickly and efficiently.
Service Overview
Antibody production
Additional Service
Service list & period

Cat no Service period
YF411000 Basic 1 mAb Package (antigen not included/ ELISA screening)
4 months
YF412000 Basic 2 mAb Package (antigen not included/ WB, IP screening)
YF413000 Plus 1 mAb package (ELISA screening)
YF414000 Plus 2 mAb package (WB, IP screening)
YF415000 Basic-phospho 1 mAb package (antigen not included/ ELISA screening)
YF416000 Basic-phospho 2 mAb package (antigen not included/ WB, IP screening)
YF417000 Plus-phospho 1 mAb package (ELISA screening)
YF418000 Plus-phospho 2 mAb Package (WB, IP screening)
Cat no Service period
YF510000 Protein A or G purification (serum 10ml each)
1~2 weeks
YF520000 Protein A or G purification (serum 100ml each)
YF530000 Affinity purification (serum 10ml each)
YF540000 Affinity purification (serum 100ml each)

Protein Purification Service

Service Overview
Service list & period

Abfrontier offers protein expression system using bacteria from small scale to large scale
for your research. Protein purification service includes: Optimization, Economic package 1,
Economic package 2, General package. Our service includes start-to-finish purification by our
experienced scientific staff, to meet customers’ specific needs.

Cat no Service period
YF111100 < 1kb PCR cloning (template provided by customer)
3 weeks

  • YF111200 1-2kb PCR cloning (template provided by customer)
    YF111300 2-3kb PCR cloning (template provided by customer)
    YF111400 3kb < PCR cloning (template provided by customer)
    YF111500 < 1kb PCR cloning (template provided by AbF)
    YF111600 1-2kb PCR cloning (template provided by AbF)
    YF111700 2-3kb PCR cloning (template provided by AbF)
    YF111800 3kb < PCR cloning (template provided by AbF)
    YF112000 Subcloning

  • 2 weeks
    YF120000 Mutagenesis
    Cat no Service period
    YF210000 Optimization (protein expression condition) 1~2 weeks
    YF220000 Economic package 1 (cell pellet provided by customer)
    YF230000 Economic package 2 (Large culture ~ protein purification) 2~3 weeks
    YF240000 General package (optimization ~ protein purification)
    Human cell

PCR Cloning, Subcloning and Mutagenesis Service
We can clone various DNA fragments
into the vector provided or authorized
by customers. You can save time and
money by consigning your project to
Abfrontier’s experienced handling. We
design primers for PCR amplification of a
target DNA sequence of your interest.
World Best Custom Service

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