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Peky Lab Consumables  

  1. Microcentrifuge tubes cover the daily needs for sample handling.
    Usually, these tubes can handle small sample volumes. Researchers use different 
    types of microcentrifuge tubes for different tasks and procedures.
    PekyBio's microcentrifuge tubes are designed to provide secure, leakproof seals while
    remaining easy to open. 
    Vailable in 4 volumes: 0.5 mL, 1.5 mL, 2.0 mL and 5.0 mL.

  2. Centrifuge tubes cover the daily needs for sample handling.
    A variety of laboratory methods require the use of centrifuge tubes. Environmental
    labs use them at a high frequency due to the nature of their samples. Putting the
    sample in a centrifuge tube and spinning it will pull all the soil material to the bottom
    of the tube. Then the water can be removed from the tube for analysis. It is one of the
    top uses of centrifuge tubes.
    Pekybio's centrifuge tubes are manufactured from clear polypropylene for superior
    chemical resistance.
    Vailable in 2 volumes: 15 mL and 50 mL.

  3. Transport tubes, are used in multiple sectors of the laboratory market, including
    environmental, independent testing, food testing, and biological research labs.
    Pekybio's transport tubes are made from polypropylene (PP), and screw caps are
    Polyethylene (PE). 
    Tubes are self-standing with conical bottom and molded graduations. 
    Vailable in 5 mL and 10 mL, non-sterile and gamma radiation sterilized.
    Seal Screw Cap, Conical Bottom

  4. Deep well plates are designed for all common instruments and can be used for
    applications such as sample collection, compound preparation, combinatorial
    chemistry, high throughput screening, nucleic acid purification, bacterial culture
    growth, and etc.
    Pekybio's plates are available in polypropylene, round or square well, U or V 
    bottom,and a variety of volumes.

  5. Pekybio's PCR plates and tubes are manufactured from high-quality virgin plastics for
    excellent, reproducible results in most PCR applications. This collection of individual
    tubes, tube strips, cap strips, 96-well plates are manufactured without chemical
    additives that can contaminate reagents and samples.
    PCR Plates are offered in a variety of formats including no skirt and half skirt.
    They are now commonly used for a wide variety of applications including genotyping, 
    cloning, mutation detection, sequencing, microarrays, forensics, and paternity testing

Internal Reference: YF-PA26408