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Vazyme Selection Guide 

Applications Products (Cat.#) Features Applicable for
Conventional PCR
3G Taq Master Mix for PAGE (Red 
Dye) (#P115) 
Green Taq Mix (#P131)
No 3' → 5' exonuclease activity. 
Excellent compatibility.
Products contain A at 3'-end.
Colony PCR;
Large-scale gene identification; 
TA Cloning for small fragments.
High-Yield PCR
2 × Taq Plus Master Mix (#P211)
2 × Taq Plus Master Mix II (Dye Plus) 
With fidelity 6-fold higher than 
Mixed products with 3'-end 
blunt or containing A.
PCR that requires some fidelity.
Rapid PCR 2 × Rapid Taq Master Mix (#P222) Amplification speed: up to 15 
sec/kb. Colony PCR.
Long-Fragment PCR
2 × Vazyme LAmp Master Mix (#P311) 
2 × Vazyme LAmp Master Mix (Dye 
Plus) (#P312)
Efficiently amplify fragments > 
20 kb. Long-fragment amplification.
Hot-Start PCR
Champagne Taq DNA Polymerase 
Taq Pro HS DNA Polymerase (#PN101) 
Taq Pro HS U+ Master Mix (#PN112)
Excellent specificity. Excellent 
Amplification that requires higher 
sensitivity and specificity;
Amplification of genes with low 
copy or qPCR assay from complex 
templates (genomic DNA, cDNA).
Multiplex PCR Multiplex PCR Kit (#PM101) 19-plex PCR in one single 
reaction. Detection or typing of pathogens.
Direct PCR
One Step Mouse Genotyping Kit 
Blood Direct PCR Kit V2 (#PD103)
Easy and fast, without DNA 
One step mouse genotyping; Direct 
PCR from plant tissues; Direct PCR 
from blood.
High-Fidelity PCR
2 × Phanta Flash Master Mix (#P510)
2 × Phanta Flash Master Mix (Dye 
Plus) (#P520)
With super fidelity 81-fold 
higher than Taq; 
Rapid extension: ≤1 kb, 1 sec/
kb; ≤10 kb, 4 - 5 sec/kb; >10 
kb, 10 sec/kb
High-fidelity PCR. 
Amplification of templates with crude, 
uracil-containing and high GCcontaining

Internal Reference: YF-PA26408